Why Use Assured Data Destruction?

Regulations such as F.A.C.T.A. and H.I.P.A.A. have been changing the ways small business conducts their daily operations. These laws have been put into place to safeguard consumer and employee safety.

The FACTA Disposal Rule issued by the Federal Trade Commission in 2005 enforces the protection and disposal of sensitive consumer data – “”any person who maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose must destroy discarded consumer information, whether in paper or electronic form.”  As we know it, the responsibility for managing the disposal of ALL confidential information is a high-priority. Assured Data Destruction is pleased to propose this system for secure document destruction that will meet unique circumstances, risk tolerances, industry compliance and needs. Assured Data Destruction’s focus is 100% customer satisfaction.  Assured Data Destruction will satisfy the commitment and obligations to maintain security standards and guarantee the strictest privacy regulations regarding your confidential documents.

Assured Data Destruction is a full-service document destruction company that is located in Dothan, Alabama. We specialize in plant-based document destruction, helping to provide a full range of secure, confidential services to organizations and government agencies of all sizes throughout the Southeast. Assured Data Destruction is recognized as the only NAID certified plant-based shredding facility in Southeast Alabama.

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